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ActiveCare Direct vs. CareTrack – Which is Right for Your Fleet Management?

Since we launched our managed telematics service, ActiveCare Direct, in 2017, I’ve heard from a lot of customers who are wondering if it’s a replacement to our web portal telematics program, CareTrack, which was launched in 2007. The answer depends on what you hope to get from your telematics service.

Here’s a quick overview of the features of each and how they can work independently or in conjunction with each other, based on customer preference.

CareTrack is the actual data collecting system, and ActiveCare Direct is a service to help customers understand and manage that data.

Using CareTrack, customers monitor the data themselves. They can log in to an online web portal where they can look at the different data points collected on each machine, review its health, set up anti-theft tracking alerts and track their machine’s location in real time. It’s the do-it-yourself option for telematics. The customer monitors the information, diagnoses maintenance and tracks their whole fleet on their own.

ActiveCare Direct provides owners with an opportunity to hand off the daily monitoring to a group of data analysts at Volvo’s Uptime Center and a proprietary system. They will monitor the machines 24/7 and sift through all the raw fleet information — only contacting owners when there is an actionable item or to provide a monthly report filled with fleet utilization information, individual machine statistics and instances of machine misuse.

ActiveCare Direct does not replace the web portal or CareTrack. It’s simply an additional option for managers who want the benefits telematics can provide — such as data and insights on machines and increased uptime — without the time commitment.

Telematics can lead to increased efficiency and profitability for fleets. Choosing between the two tools offered by Volvo is really more about choosing how much time a manager wants to commit to reading the data and if they have the resources to catch problems before they cause downtime.

Watch this video for more information about ActiveCare Direct or download this quick fact sheet to get more details on the individual features and benefits of CareTrack and ActiveCare Direct.

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