The Right Power with Less Fuel: Using Excavator Work Modes

Volvo Construction Equipment wants to make the process of balancing engine RPM with hydraulic flow as simple as possible. That’s why we integrate everything into a single dial. By moving this dial, you are changing both the pump flow and engine speed — a feature unique to Volvo excavators. By choosing the right work mode, operators can get the perfect balance of power and controllability, while burning as little fuel as possible. Here are a few tips on how to use the right work mode.

Idle Mode (I)

  • I1 – 800 RPM: Saves the most fuel short of being shut down.
  • I2 – 1000 RPM: Allows for faster warm-up times.

Fine Mode (F)

  • F1 – The lower of the two settings is ideal for fine finish work such as grading.
  • F2 – The higher setting provides full power and slightly higher pump flow for the perfect balance between speed and controllability. The higher setting is ideal for scenarios that require speed, precision and power, such as setting large pipes or culverts in a trench.

General Mode (G)

  • G1, G2, G3, G4 – The “G” modes are excellent for general digging and excavation, and they allow the operator to find the perfect balance between power and fuel efficiency.

Heavy Mode (H)

  • H – Provides maximum power, making it great for digging in extremely hard terrain.

Our integrated work modes allow the operator to get full power without running at full throttle, which saves you fuel, time, and money. Learn more about the many design differentiators of Volvo Excavators.

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