Excavator Tips: Minimizing Wear and Tear

Any small problem can eventually turn into a big one. Simple preventive steps and examinations can go a long way toward extending your excavator’s lifespan and ensuring more uptime.

Let me walk you through some tips to help you keep your excavators in peak condition.

Start of the day

  • Do a walkaround of the machine to check fluids and filters. When started, Volvo excavators display a daily maintenance checklist with five items: engine oil level, coolant level, hydraulic oil level, water separator and air cleaner.
  • Look for damage and leaks.
  • Clear debris, especially from the undercarriage.

In operation

  • Minimize long-distance tracking – Even for the best excavators, avoiding unnecessary stress and wear on the machine can go a long way toward preventing downtime.
  • Track tension – Loose tension can lead to excessive bushing and sprocket wear, and overly tight tensions can cause stress on the undercarriage and waste horsepower.
  • Use not abuse – While excavators can do a lot of jobs, they are not hockey sticks. Avoid side loads and slamming the cylinders at the end of stroke, as this causes undue stress on the machine.

End of the day

  • Check your rollers to make sure they are free of debris and can turn easily.
  • Fuel up at the end of each day to avoid condensation inside the tank.
  • Don’t skimp on the grease. It’s an easy, cost-effective preventive maintenance that keeps your machine operating smoothly.

Volvo excavators are designed to withstand rugged terrain and unforgiving conditions, but the way you operate the machine can play a huge role in extending machine lifespan, too. Read about one of our newest excavators, the ECR355E short swing radius excavator, and the features on it that help make maintenance easier.

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