3 Easy Tricks to Improve your Excavator Fuel Efficiency

Fuel is one of the top equipment operating expenses for owners, but with a few small changes in operator behavior, those costs can be cut significantly. Here are a few tricks to using fuel-saving features on Volvo excavators — including auto idle, auto engine shutdown and Eco Mode.

Auto Idle

  • Automatically lowers RPM after 5 seconds of inactivity
  • Time delay can be set anywhere between 3 and 20 seconds

Auto Engine Shutdown

  • The engine is set to 5-minute timer
  • After four minutes with the control lockout lever down, a 60-second warning will begin
  • Machine will shut off after warning

Eco Mode (Other brands’ eco modes slow down their rpms by 10%)

  • Pump flow is controlled to avoid inertia from overflowing the overload relief valves while maintaining digging power and maximum swing efficiency.
  • Reduces flow and pressure loss and improves pump flow control, resulting in 5 percent improvement to efficiency

These fuel-saving features are just one example of the many differentiators that set Volvo excavators apart. Learn more about the benefits of our excavators.

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